Approach | Departure Procedures

Big Bear Airport is a noise sensitive area surrounded by residential and vacation homes. Find out more about our noise abatement efforts at

Whisper Track

Big Bear Airport (L35) N34° 15'50" W116° 51'22" Field Elevation: 6752'MLS


Runway 8 from W NW NE
Runway 26 from W NW NE

Aircraft landing Runway 08 please avoid the round school and playground on final approach; stay south of school over water until you pass the school.


AWOS-3 135.925 (909-585-4033)
Unicom 122.725  
SoCal App 127.00 (West bound)
LA Center 126.35 (East bound)


Runway 8 to W NW NE
Runway 26 to W NW NE

Departing aircraft Runway 08 execute 10° left turn at END OF RUNWAY. Do not overfly schools on departure. Departing aircraft Runway 26 execute 10° left turn at END OF RUNWAY AVOID SCHOOL (round building) AND PLAY-GROUNDS.

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