Mountain Flying Tips & Articles

Safe Operating Techniques

Safe Operating Techniques Ah, Big Bear! Images of shushing down steep mountain slopes on skis, hooking a 2-pound trout on Big Bear Lake; hiking scenic sections of the famous Pacific Crest Trail; or staying at a rustic cabin with a … Continue reading

Density Altitude…You’re Higher Than You Think!

Flying into Big Bear Imagine, for a moment, a bulldozed, crude runway on a ridge just a few hundred feet below the summit of 11,502′ Mt. San Gorgonio, the highest point in southern California. On a hot summer’s day, a … Continue reading

Mountain Winds and Turbulence

Flying into Big Bear Many pilots unnecessarily avoid flying into Big Bear because of the imagined dangers of gusty winds, up-and-down drafts, and teeth-rattling turbulence. With a little knowledge of the unique wind conditions found at this high altitude airport, … Continue reading

Wintertime Tips

Flying into Big Bear November to March, Big Bear’s winter, can be delightful or dangerous for pilots. Dense, clear air and spectacular snow-blanketed mountain views beckon the aviator; furious storms, slippery runways, gusty winds, ice-laden clouds, and jolting turbulence conspire … Continue reading